Event History

The 4th Annual MMH Memorial Street Hockey Tournament is the express reason why our function is so successful for the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Foundation. The first year welcomed a total of 12 teams to compete for the championship; Year upon year we have expanded the scope.

Event Details

Teams over the past three years have varied in age and skill level - consisting of 15 year old kids, Division I NCAA players,  AHL goalies,  ECHL Defenseman, and NHL prospects.  No matter the skill level, we welcome anyone who would like to enter a team. Come and have a lot of fun; win or lose your team helps us raise a bunch of money so that youth in our community have access to enriching experience through organized sport.


The registration fee is $425  per team. Each team is guaranteed 3 games within the round robin. The first game for every team will be on the 24th and the quarter finals, semifinals, and a championship game on the following day.  Each game consist of two teams (4 to 8 players for each team) playing two 15 minute halves of 3 v 3 ball hockey (not including goalie), with a two minute intermission.

Goalies are required to wear complete equipment. For players and goalies, CSA Helmet or Safety Glasses are recommended but not required. Teams are responsible for their own equipment.

All teams MUST provide each member with a jersey or t-shirt unique to their team.

Team captains: Full payment is required to register your team (see link below). As well, please communicate to all your players that they are required to sign a waiver prior to participating in the first game. This waiver will be emailed to you after your payment is received.

We do not allow rough play or fighting, period. Games are officiated by a single volunteer pulled from a team that does not have a game scheduled.  If any infractions are witnessed, it may result in player or team expulsion from the tournament.  Safe play and sportsmanship are expected from all players to ensure everyone's enjoyment and the success of the tournament!


Contact & Registration Details


When I look at a net I do not see a goalie.
— Pavel Bure